︎* Umberto Daina, born in Palermo in 1979, is a multidisciplinary artist and creative. In 2002, he moved to Florence to study architecture at the University, where he began developing his artistic career.

During his university journey, Umberto had the opportunity to collaborate with his professors as a videomaker. He used his passion for art and his skills in creating video documentaries to explore topics related to urban planning and urban sociology. This allowed him to gain an analytical perspective of the world around him and convey complex concepts through visual language.

Later in 2004, he started conducting seminars, workshops, and lectures in various faculties, fine arts academies, and Italian institutions.

His career went beyond teaching and academic research. In 2006, together with Fabio Ciaravella and Vincenzo Fiore, Umberto Daina founded Studio plus plus, a collective of artists dedicated to contemporary art. Thanks to this experience that lasted for more than 10 years, Umberto had the opportunity to participate in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, exploring different forms of visual expression.

Parallelly, Umberto works as a freelance 3D artist and graphic designer. He collaborates with renowned fashion, food, and technology brands, creating engaging and visually impactful images and videos.

His talent in 3D animation led the Italian Academy of Florence to appoint him as a teacher in 2011. Umberto shared his experience and knowledge with students, inspiring them to explore new creative horizons and develop their skills in animation.

His career reached another important milestone in 2021 when he was appointed as the Creative Director and Visual Designer of Mirror Digital Agency. In this role, Umberto brings forth all his creative abilities to lead the team in the conceptualization and realization of innovative projects.
︎*Selected Clients:

Pantone LLC, Opera Browser, Absolut Vodka, Timberland, Furla, Jetty International, Brunello Cucinelli, La Perla, Ferragamo, Acqua di Parma, Ermanno Scervino, BurgerKing, Arval, Findomestic, Barilla, CgTrader, 


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