Tuscan Emotion

I am thrilled to present my second collaboration with the prestigious Maison Ermanno Scervino, crafting a captivating CGI video for their exclusive fragrance "Tuscan Emotion." It has been a privilege to once again work with such an iconic brand, exploring the synergy between fashion and visual art.

The perfume masterfully captures the essence of Tuscany in spring, with aromatic notes that evoke the freshness of blooming fields and the pristine beauty of nature. I am grateful to have been involved in this extraordinary project, which celebrates the timeless elegance of Ermanno Scervino and the enduring beauty of our beloved Tuscany.

Client: Ermanno Scervino
Agency: StillBeauty
Creative & Art Direction: Umberto Daina
3d Design, Motion Graphic & Animation: Umberto Daina & Diletta Scaruffi
Bottle Modeling: Ignazio Genco

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