Timberland ReBotl

Nature Need Heroes

We loved working on this video for Timberland ReBotl. Reducing, recycling plastics and then rethinking changes in industrial processes is vital, now more than ever.

Props & Process

We put a lot of time and effort on Marvellous Designer,
3D scanning and retopology to bring the real essence of these beautiful products.

Research & Development

We always love to gather ideas and images before the production of a project. This is a brief collection of our best discarded ideas.

Client: Timberland
Project by Springstudios
Management: Noruwei
Design & Lighting: Umberto Daina
Animation: Umberto Daina & Diletta Scaruffi
R&D Artists: Umberto Daina & Simone Passaro
Modeling: Ignazio Genco

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